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  • Are Canadian units different from the US units?
    Yes. All units ordered through Four Wheel Campers Canada / Morrissey Industries Ltd. have had factory modifications which meet the harsher weather requirements and different industry standards found in Canada.
  • Why are Canadian prices different then US prices?
    We try to keep Canadian prices as close to US prices as possible. If you read the following information you will discover that Canadian prices are not really very different then US prices. We have transportation, brokerage and customs fees as well as a fluctuating Foreign Exchange rate to deal with. To give you the customer the best value and keep prices as close to those in the US we include a Canadian Destination Charge (CDC) and a Foreign Exchange Rate (FER) calculation in our pricing. This means that you will get a much better price then if we just set a Canadian price once or twice a year. Some items such as the Porta-Potti are not made in the US and tariffs and duties must be added to the prices. Modifications to meet Canadian standards also may require a change in pricing.
  • What is the CDC that I see on your pricing?
    The CDC - Canadian Destination Charge is a combination of costs associated with importation and freight of each unit to our yard in Canada. It is made up of the cost of shipping, brokerage fees, border fees, CBSA costs and any Canadian importation documentation fee. CDC does not include any cost to ship a unit beyond our yard. As of this writing (01/01/23) CDC is US$ 1,350.00 to our Vancouver office and US$ 3,510.00 to our Auburn, Ontario location. This may change without notice and is subject to any fuel surcharges which may apply.
  • Why do you have a Foreign Exchange Rate (FER) calculation?
    As the Foreign Exchange (FER) rate changes daily it makes it hard for us to just set a Canadian price. Instead of setting a single Canadian price that may not show a realistic exchange rate we show all our prices in US$. To keep Canadian pricing as close to actual US$ pricing as possible we use the daily foreign exchange rate as found at our bank. It can be found at; Look under - Foreign Exchange Rate (FER). Find - 'Buying US dollars' for the rate. A quick conversion from US$ to C$ can be done using the following formula. US$ X FER = C$ (Example; FER = 1.300 US$ 1,000.00 X 1.30 = C$ 1,300.00)
  • At what point is the exchange rate fixed?
    We set the exchange rate (FER) at two points during the production and payment process. The first rate is set when we take your deposit. This is calculated and based on receiving your deposit within five days. The final rate of exchange is set within five days of completion of the sale and delivery of your unit. This gives you the best chance at getting a good rate of exchange and in most instances evens out any fluctuation in the rate. It should be noted that if you prefer to know the set rate it is best to pay in US$. Whatever currency your deposit is paid in the final payment must be the same.
  • What are the requirements for payment?
    Deposit: 50% deposit at time of contract signing. Please Note; We now require the full 50% deposit in place at time of contract signing. Final payment: 50% plus any taxes (GST and PST or HST where required). Delivery (if required) and installation charges are also payable at this time. Please Note; Final payment is required within 10 days of completion. For most customers this will make no difference in the process and we will not require payment until your unit is delivered. For those who order early but do not wish to pick it up for a few months this will require that you make the final payment (less any delivery or install fees) ON COMPLETION of your camper. This will come with up to 30 days of free storage (C$ 65.00/daily $950.00/month thereafter).
  • Why do we have to pay 50% deposit?
    The Manufacture (Four Wheel Campers) requires it. It also evens out exchange rate differentials and can in the longterm save most customers some money.
  • When I want to order early but not pick it up until well after completion, why do I have to pay the final payment before it leaves the factory?"
    The Manufacture (Four Wheel Campers) is not in the banking business and does not wish to tie up large sums of money with finished product sitting in their warehouse. They will gladly store your finished and paid for unit for up to 1 month (30 days) free of charge. After that daily charges will be incurred.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We require payment by bank draft or wire transfer with the following exceptions. For the initial 10% deposit or to a maximum of C$ 2,000.00 we will accept cash or eTransfer.
  • To avoid the exchange rate differential, can payment be made in US dollars?"
    Yes, we will accept your payment in US$ as long as it is negotiable at a Canadian banking institution.
  • Can Canadian customers pick up their new units at the factory or elsewhere in the US?
    Maybe, but generally not a good idea. We can make arrangements for you to take delivery of your new FWC unit at locations throughout the USA. Please note though, that there is no cost saving in doing this and it may actually be a lot more costly. You should be aware of the following; The factory has implemented a US$ 500.00 fee for pickup at the factory in addition to the install costs. Pick up at the factory will also require payment of the 8% California state tax (which as of 01/01/2014 is not refundable). US delivery charges will still be accessed and payable to the factory. Taking delivery within the US means that the customer is required to pay any state taxes (and get them refunded from that state if possible) All Canadian taxes (GST, HST, PST) as well as any broker fees are payable at the border when importing a camper unit. It should be noted that the CBSA also collects tax on tax paid in the USA.
  • Where is the closest Four Wheel Campers showroom to me?
    The Canadian showroom is located 45 minutes outside Vancouver B.C. As well there are seasonal swowroom/storage yards in Hudsons's Hope, B.C. and Auburn, Ontario. The US showroom/factory is in Woodland, California.
  • Can customers from the USA buy from the Canadian dealer?
    Sorry, the short answer is no. With the amount of bureaucratic red tape and additional costs associated with selling units back into the US it is not in you, the customers, best interest to buy in Canada. It seems the only way around this quagmire is if you have friends or family in Canada that we can sell to - and then have them resell it to you. On the other hand, if it is closer for you to come to our yard to view a camper, we will be more then glad to show you the units and give you some advise for ordering in the USA.
  • How long does it take to get my camper once I've placed the order?
    Typically it takes 30 to 34 weeks from the date you place your order, but production times vary depending on the time of year. The least busy time of the year is winter. Please email for current production schedules. All Canadian orders are freighted to our showroom/warehouse for pickup and this will add further time. * Due to Covid and Covid related issues, production times are longer than usual. We appeciate your patience.
  • Are the prices negotiable?
    No. Your opportunity to recieve the same factory direct pricing - through the Canadian distributer - provides you the lowest possible price. We do not negotiate prices. Most of our customers really don't want us to engage in the typical RV sales games. We want to provide you the best possible service and the most knowledgeable sales staff, without the high pressure sales environment. Canadian prices reflect the additional freight, brokerage, importation and exchange rate costs.
  • In Canada where can I look at one of your campers?
    Morrissey Industries Ltd. is the Canadian distributor and dealer for Four Wheel Campers in Canada. We generally stock a good selection of the most popular models for you to view. The showroom is located in Anmore B.C. - a short drive from downtown Vancouver. (Only open by appointment) Our staff will answer any questions you may have about camper details, specifications and prices. We will help you identify the benefits of each design - including which will be the most suitable for your vehicle and your own personal needs.
  • Can we have a unit delivered and installed at our home?
    Yes, for an additional charge. If we are delivering a unit, we can make arrangements for you to take delivery and have the unit installed wherever it is convenient. The Canadian delivery trucks are fully equipped to do installations on the road. As long as we have a clear flat area, such as a parking lot or quiet side-street we will be able to do the installation.
  • Will my camper fit in my garage?
    The camper units in the down position range from 135 cm (52 inches) to 155 cm (60 inches). You will need to add the height of your camper to the height of your truck bed. If this total is less than the height of your garage door opening it should fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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