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Four Wheel Campers Canada

Morrissey Industries Ltd.

Retirement Looms...


Please note;

We are no longer taking custom/new orders for FWC campers..*


We have a number of incoming stock units and many show and used

units which will come up for sale over the next few months.


Check out our Hidden Treasures Pages.  We will be listing all sorts of odds and ends

for sale that might be of use, or of interest, to FWC owners and other RV folks.

* After 50 years serving the recreation industry, and nearly two decades of

working with overlanders we are going to retire. 

We will continue to sell new stock units as well as used units through at least 2024.

Looking for a new or used unit that we may already have in stock.

New listing  October 2023

Check out our stock page for units for sale. 

 The Vancouver yard is open on a limited
appointment schedule until further notice.

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