Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Four Wheel Campers?

- Four Wheel Pop-up Campers are built for trucks that tackle real back-country travel. - They are constructed with a strong, light-weight, welded aluminium frame and have the lightest unit weight in the truck camper industry. - With the roof down the profile is lowered, reducing the center of gravity and wind resistance. Imagine not having to deal with top-heavy sway in windy conditions! - The flexible frame construction allows the camper to move with the twisting motion of the truck-bed. - The low profile and light weight also keeps the camper weight more directly over the rear axle further reducing driving problems. - All of these features contribute to fuel economy when travelling.

What size truck do you need for a Four Wheel Camper?

Nearly all domestic and foreign, 2 or 4 wheel drive pick-up trucks will accept these camper units. The only exceptions at this point are the hybrid SUV trucks. The Grandby fits full size pick-ups. The Fleet and Hawk fit short box trucks. The Swift and Raven fit the small box, quad cab units. With their light weight, low profile and balanced characteristics you should be able to find one that is just right for your truck.

Do you offer custom work?

No. Four Wheel Campers must submit the designs in blueprint format and these must be approved by numerous state agencies. Any alterations to the original plans must go through the same process. There is a 40+ year history of proven success behind the designs.

How do I raise or lower my camper roof?

First undo the six external latches. Then go inside and lift first the rear and then the forward portions of the roof. The patented "Easy Lift" roof system requires a simple push that locks two panels past center vertically to hold the lightweight aluminium roof securely in place. The whole process takes less then one minute in normal circumstances.

How much weight will the roof hold?

The lightweight aluminium roof will hold 1,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight (example: snow load of 1000 lbs.). If you plan to carry luggage, coolers, kayaks, canoes, etc. on the roof, we usually recommend keeping the weight to approx. 45 kg (100 lbs).

Can I keep my tailgate on with the camper installed?

Not recommended. The design does not allow the tailgate to close after the camper is installed. If you leave the tailgate on it will not close when the camper is on and it will definitely make getting in and out of the camper awkward. In some jurisdictions is illegal to close the tailgate on a camper.

Can I put a long bed camper on my short bed truck?

Not recommended. This moves the centre of gravity further back which can cause unsafe handling of the vehicle (and may be illegal in some areas). It also requires the tailgate to be left in place which can be problematic for pulling a trailer and access to the camper.

Do I need heavy-duty or overload springs to carry a FWC Camper?

In many cases the extra springs are not needed as the camper units are well within the carrying capacity of many 1/2 ton, and all 3/4 ton and larger trucks. Many of our customers do have "over-load springs" or "Air Bags" installed. If you think you will require them many types are available and some can be easily self installed. Note - We do not condone overloading your vehicle.

Do I have to remove my plastic bed liner?

Yes. FWC's unique design of attaching the camper to the inside of the truck bed with eye bolts and turnbuckles is not possible when a plastic bed liner is present. A better way to go, is to have a 'spray-in liner' installed. These are very robust and generally stand up better then other liner types.

How long does it take to get my camper once I've placed the order?

Typically it takes 30 to 34 weeks from the date you place your order, but production times vary depending on the time of year. The least busy time of the year is winter. Please email for current production schedules. All Canadian orders are freighted to our showroom/warehouse for pickup and this will add further time. * Due to Covid and Covid related issues, production times are longer than usual. We appeciate your patience.

Does the camper work well in cold weather?

Yes and no. With the optional furnace and the Arctic Pack, occupants can be comfortable in below freezing weather but some precautions must be taken if you are thinking about traveling in Canadian winter weather.

What is the " Arctic Pack" option?

This is a custom designed layer of material that is attached to the interior of the pop-up sides in cold weather conditions. It is also useful in hot weather. An important side effect of having it installed is that it makes the camper much quieter by damping down outside noises. It can be easily removed but can be left on year round.

Is there an outside shower option available for these camper units?

Yes. We do offer a built in Hot Water/Outside Shower package on many models.

Does Four Wheel Campers make an empty shell model?

Yes. A Shell version is available for all models except the speciality models. The basic Shell unit comes with a few included items. The camper interior is simply finished to keep weight down and plenty of space available for your needs. Many options are available for the Shell models as well. For more specific information on the Shell models please see the Shell model page.

Are Canadian units different from the US units?

Yes. All units ordered through Four Wheel Campers Canada / Morrissey Industries Ltd. have had factory modifications which meet the harsher weather requirements and different industry standards found in Canada.

Where is the closest Four Wheel Campers showroom to me?

The Canadian showroom is located 45 minutes outside Vancouver B.C. As well there are seasonal swowroom/storage yards in Hudsons's Hope, B.C. and Auburn, Ontario. The US showroom/factory is in Woodland, California.

In Canada where can I look at one of your campers?

Morrissey Industries Ltd. is the Canadian distributor and dealer for Four Wheel Campers in Canada. We generally stock a good selection of the most popular models for you to view. The showroom is located in Anmore B.C. - a short drive from downtown Vancouver. (Only open by appointment) Our staff will answer any questions you may have about camper details, specifications and prices. We will help you identify the benefits of each design - including which will be the most suitable for your vehicle and your own personal needs.

Can I have a camper shipped to me?

All Canadian camper units are freighted to our showroom near Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Customers are welcome to pick them up at the showroom or we can make arrangements for delivery to most areas within Canada for an additional cost.

How is the camper attached to my truck?

Four small forged eyebolts are placed into the truck bed in front of and behind the wheel wells. The base of the camper is manufactured with eyebolts and interior access ports, allowing the use of four turnbuckles to hold the camper firmly in place. This makes for a very strong installation and a clean look on the outside of the camper (ie. no chains or turn-buckles hanging off the outside of the truck/camper). Please note, some models may require through-bolting onto the truck bed, or the use of external turn buckles.

Can the customer do their own installation?

At one point that was possible, but with the more complicated trucks now on the market it is no longer advisable to try to do your own install. The factory now expressly notes that a self-install will void all warranties. The installation includes installation of the above mentioned eyebolts, a complete wiring harness as well as number of other items. The installation and positioning of eyebolts is critical. The wiring harness and related parts insures you have the proper power to the camper.

How long does it take to have the install done?

The intial installation is not a short, ‘few minute’ operation. It takes five to seven hours to do a complete install by factory trained installers. As well the installer will need to go over all the systems and do up any paperwork with you - so expect the install to fill a day. After that it takes only a few minutes for customers to put the camper on or take it off.

Can we have a unit delivered and installed at our home?

Yes, for an additional charge. If we are delivering a unit, we can make arrangements for you to take delivery and have the unit installed wherever it is convenient. The Canadian delivery trucks are fully equipped to do installations on the road. As long as we have a clear flat area, such as a parking lot or quiet side-street we will be able to do the installation.

Will my camper fit in my garage?

The camper units in the down position range from 135 cm (52 inches) to 155 cm (60 inches). You will need to add the height of your camper to the height of your truck bed. If this total is less than the height of your garage door opening it should fit.