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Available Units For Sale

Four Wheel campers is now building two types of equipment.

Campers and canopies.



The standard campers (Slide-in and Flatbed) that they have been building for over 50 year.
This includes the many sizes and options that have been and are available.
Swift, Fleet, Raven, Hawk and Grandby models as well as a Shell version of each.
Each model has a number of layouts, and up to 30 options available for a custom camper.
The listed units may have been custom built for a specific truck and will not necessarily 
fit another make or model year without modification.

Click the button to view campers that are for sale.


Project M Canopy.

This is a canopy that sits on the bed rails of the truck box.  It is not a camper.
Like any other canopy it is subject to the ingress of water, dust and other outside items.
Each unit is custom fitted to the truck box it will go on . With over 25 different truck types and many more types of boxes, at this time they will only fit a limited number of trucks/models/years. 

Click the button to view Project M Canopies  that are for sale.



* Please Note: Prices are for pick-up at our Vancouver location only.  

  Unless noted, prices do not include; CDC, installation, any taxes or delivery (if required)

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