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Project M

The all new Four Wheel Camper topper/canopy.















The all new Project M topper/canopy will be available in the new year (2020).  The following introductory pricing is good until November 30th 2019. 

There will be a price increase December 1st...

Mid Size Units

US$   8,995.00 / C$ 13,495.00 *

Full Size Units

US$   9,495.00 / C$ 14,195.00 *

(*price does not include CDC, taxes or install costs)

Deposits in place before November 30th. will hold a space and price

for units delivered in spring/summer 2020

Standard features will include;

Canopy/topper style unit with cabover extension.

Attaches and sits on truck box rails.

Insulated rigid walls and roof.

Rugged vinyl lift fabric. 

Wall shelf on both sides

Roof Vent

Front window

Emergency egress window (driver's side)

CO, smoke detector and fire extinguisher

The Project M Canopy/Topper will come in five sizes once full productions is underway.

There will be two sizes (five foot bed & six foot bed) to fit the smaller trucks (Tacoma).

There will be three sizes to fit full size trucks (F-150, Dodge 1500, Tundra, etc.) with different

length boxes.   A five foot model, a six foot model and an eight foot model.


Base model information


           To fit small trucks .                                        To fit full size trucks.        


          Height above bed rails: Down 37”  Up 58”                                  Height above bed rails: Down 39"  Up 60"            

                                Width  69”                                                                                         Width  75"                                  

Over-cab (sleeping area) 65 X 80”                                               Over-cab (sleeping area) 73 X80"

                                        Weight                                                                                                    Weight                                                        Five foot bed (small truck)  164 kg. 360                                      Five foot bed (5’8”)      182 kg.  400 lbs.                 Six foot bed (small truck)  175 kg. 385 lbs.                                  Six foot bed (6” – 6’8”)  195 kg. 430 lbs.

                                                                                                  Eight foot bed 216 kg. 475 lbs.


The Canadian interactive price list is now inactive.

Once the exchange rate settles we will repost it.


Available options

Prewire for power

Full power system

Roof top solar panel

Top load Fridge (Dometic CFX50)

Rear Flood lights

Powered roof vent 

Second roof vent (not powered)

Jacks (4)

Additional windows

Awning  (6ft, ARB)

Arctic pack (additional insulation for lift fabric)

'L' track (different lengths and options) 

'80/20' Track (different length and options)

Rotopax  (various options)


Yakima Roof racks (various combinations)

Aluminium hitch step

Porta Potti.

Other options may become available.

Email us for up to date prices and

further information on the above options.


Note:  This is not a camper but a canopy/topper that attaches

to the top edge of the truck box.  If you are looking for a true camper

check out the other models found on this website by clicking the following link;


Camper Models