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Four Wheel Campers Canada

Morrissey Industries Ltd.

Order now for early 2024 delivery.

We are having a Labour Day and 'fall clean up' special for the next little while. 


Up to C$ 500.00 discount on some in stock campers (only show and used models).* 

C$400.00 discount on in stock Project M units.*

(* some limitation may apply)


We have heard through the grapevine that there may be a price increases coming later this fall. (Likely November 1st) New orders with deposit in place before October 28th will receive current pricing.


Check out our Hidden Treasures Page.  We will be listing all sorts of odds and ends for sale that might be of use, or of interest, to FWC owners and other RV folks. RV folks.

Looking for a new or used unit that we may already have in stock.

New listing  September 2023

Check out our stock page for units for sale. 

 The Vancouver yard is open on a limited
appointment schedule until further notice.

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